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What is an orthodontic space maintainer?

An orthodontic space maintainer is a dental appliance that maintains the space between teeth when one or more primary (baby) teeth are lost prematurely. The purpose of this device is to prevent the surrounding teeth from shifting into the vacant space and causing potential problems with the eruption and alignment of permanent teeth.

What orthodontic space maintainers are available at SV Orthodontics?

Fixed space maintainers. Fixed space maintainers are affixed onto the teeth and remain in place until they are no longer needed. They consist of metal bands that often wrap around the first permanent molars and are connected via a wire. These help prevent drifting and space closure when a primary tooth is lost early and the permanent tooth has not yet developed/erupted. 

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Orthodontic space maintainers play an important role in maintaining proper tooth alignment and preventing potential orthodontic problems. If you need a space maintainer for your child, book online or call Drs. Elise Vincelette and Raman Samra of SV Orthodontics in Toronto, ON, today at (416) 213-6646. Our office is at 3016 Yonge Street and serves those in Lawrence Manor, Forest Hill, Lawrence Park, Bridle Path, and Bedford Park, ON.