Retention and wisdom teeth with SV Orthodontics: 

The retention phase of orthodontic treatment refers to the period of care after the braces are removed. A high-quality retention program at SV Orthodontics is invaluable as it ensures the long-term stability of your or your child’s treated result. Your relationship with Drs. Elise Vincelette and Raman Samra does not end when the braces are removed. We keep a careful watch over your/your child’s teeth and bite long afterwards to ensure your absolute satisfaction.

At the completion of orthodontic treatment or during the retention phase, a panoramic film is taken and can be used to assess the wisdom teeth. More often than not, our jaws are not large enough to accommodate the full eruption and functionality of these teeth. Commonly, a referral is made to an oral surgeon to remove them at a stage of development when removal is easiest for the patient and the surgeon, and post-operative complications are minimized.

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